1. Day 16: A Second Helping of Disappointment

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1. Day 16:  A Second Helping of Disappointment

This morning I am very aware of the whispering thoughts in my head that are stewing in back-burner disappointment.  My friend, my buddy, my partner in all things spiritual wanted to help edit, proof and possibly post my blog.  I was so relieved as this type of technical input baffles and bewilders me.  In following her own guidance she changed her mind several days later and begged off leaving me startled and unsure of myself.

Here is the message from HS:

 HS:  Trust her on her path even as you trust yourself on your own path.

There is room for all paths. 

Light shows the way. 

The way is the path.

Let not the form of the path confuse, deter or frighten you.  All paths influence each other and this is always for mutual benefit.

Fear not these thoughts that love to categorize, this is but one way thoughts comfort themselves until they are fully welcomed home.  Thoughts cluster, clump, and attach to make it easier to notice them.  The

Thoughts cluster

Thoughts cluster

thoughts will be related in energy type and vibration and with no home-going message will simply cluster and float in orbit until you have noticed and are willing to listen which is their opportunity to return home to the whole awareness.

Be still and listen.

Me:  I now hear my own thoughts; I’m important too.  What I do matters.  Hey, what about me??  I feel left out of love and admiration.  What can I do to impress you?

     I extend attentiveness to this thought.

I feel my focus returning within.  Is this the problem when we get annoyed or upset, our focus is on an outer cause as opposed to the inner reality?

HS:  You are only ever up-set by your inner world.  As you pay attention to your own thoughts, feelings and sensations and allow yourself to notice, welcome, treasure and behold all that is within you, you will begin to see all that is outside of you with softer eyes.  From your open heart you are ready to respond truly to what is needed.

 Trust your inner guidance, which is connected together with your brother’s.  There is a natural flow happening even if you do not recognize it.

Trust your own guidance, your compass in your heart.  Allow your heart to lead and your mind will gratefully follow.  When the mind leads and the heart remains silent, tension is created.  This is akin to the cart pushing and dragging the horse; there is no flow, no go and nothing works but for a few short steps.

 Listen to your own heart.

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