1. Day 18: Prayer & Intention

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1. Day 18:  Prayer & Intention

HS, please help me be aware and delight in all the help, support, information I might need in my twelvemonth.me project.  Let this be fun, juicy and uplifting.  I love the help from unexpected sources that comes to me.  I am learning this technology of a new blog with ease and I am loving it.  I actually enjoy the process of posting, maintaining and sharing my experience.  Please guide me in this that I may always ask first so I share a full experience of you, of US.

Thank you, amen.

OH!  I just realized my friend’s change of heart re helping me is a VOTE FOR MY VOICE.  It is confirmation I am on my way and CAN do this and trust myself!!!

Thank you!!!

Today is short (I can hear you sighing with relief;) but I will leave you with this yummy quote from “I Come As A Brother” by Bartholomew:

“All energy is the Divine in motion.”—Bartholomew

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