1. Day 24: Rocking the Vastness

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1. Day 24:  Rocking the Vastness

Today I am feeling the waffling of downsizing my commitment of a daily post:

It is not needed.

It will inundate my brother.

I’m painting myself into a corner.

Is this really fun?


HSWhy not?

Me:  Why not????  Exactly!! Why the heck NOT?!

It won’t hurt, I write everyday anyway.

An ambitious goal gets my juices flowing.

I want to blow myself away in amazement.

I want a searchable record.

It IS fun!

Oh Yeah!  Now I remember!!  Thanks!

Just when I needed some encouragement for this epic commitment of a daily blog posting project this perfect quote appeared before my very eyes:

“Your love is so vast that there is nothing that it will not hold, and using that vastness is what you’ve got to learn.  No grief is so great that you cannot hold it within you and also hold the vast power of your love at the same time.

You can have all the grief, all the regrets, all the sorrow and all the illness there is and there is NO NEED TO WORRY because THE LOVE IN YOUR HEART IS SO VAST IT WILL HOLD ANYTHING.

Once you decide that you are so vast that you can hold anything:




Fearless because you have learned there is nothing that can come to you from this world that you cannot hold.  There is no grief so great, no event so horrible that you cannot hold it in you; smooth it; warm it; open to it; love it.  These emotions are your children.  All they want is your love.  You have created them.”——-I Come As A Brother, Bartholomew p. 38

This is exactly why I am doing the Twelvemonth.me project to move into the vast Love that I am and have in my heart in order to live fearlessly.  I do this by extending love to my fears, the created children of my heart.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your soul with us.

    • Thanks Meaghan, glad you stopped by! xoxo

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