1. Day 25: Love Is Vast Enough

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1. Day 25:  Love Is Vast Enough

I am feeling a little (actually A LOT) cornered by time.  My week is full.  Help!

This thought, a benediction from my heart revives me:

Love is vast enough to hold all my time, appointments, plans and schedule.

This bears repeating.  Every five minutes if needed:


LOVE IS VAST ENOUGH (Love Is –inhale….Vast Enough–exhale x repeat as needed)

Me:  What do I need right now?  I feel ever so slightly fidgety and rushed.

This is the part of commitment I question; it takes up a lot of space and energy.  Here I am, in my quiet time, and thoughts, ideas, ponderings keep popping and bubbling up; colors, words, designs.  I want to go play AND I want the peace and nourishment I get from my quiet time.  What can I do?

HSBe here now.

Nothing is wrong. 

Bless your ideas and thoughts for coming, tell them you will be with them shortly.

Me:  But I feel SO short on time!!!

HS:  And yet, love truly is vast enough to hold all of you, all of time, all of your worry, all of your ideas, all of your thoughts, all of everything.

Love is enough.

 Be still a moment and breath this truth in.

Me:  Ahhhhhhhhh…………..  Love really IS vast enough to hold all that is going on in my head and my life AND allow me an experience of peace and tenderness this morning.  Thank you dear Friend, thank you.


  1. Oh, Eva. I love this one. I am feeling such overwhelm lately. So many streams of activity in so many direction. Remembering that Love is vast enough to hold it all . . . I can rest.
    Love to you.

    • Dearest Melinda, I need reminding every day of the Vastness of Love. Take a moment and give yourself a long hug from me and repeat: “I am enough” until your breath slows and your heart opens up the the Vastness it is. Love you back!

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