1. Day 26: The Unfolding of Joy

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1. Day 26:  The Unfolding of Joy

I am feeling slow-ish and tired (headache too) from last days of frenetic activity.  I have so much to do before tomorrow………

“I Am Here Now”











I noticed in the whirl of yesterday that fear of commitment without the fear is just commitment.

Me:  Why have I feared commitment in work (especially) for so long?

HSBecause your fear kept you from remembering your heart, your Self.

As soon as this happens all is fraught with struggle and backwards thinking.  You have always thought you should be able to see the unfolding of all things far into the future.

This is not true.

Your life, while always on a path of enlightenment, IS the process, too, of creating that story

Creating A Story of Enlightenment

Creating A Story of Enlightenment

of enlightenment.  You yourself set it up so you could tell your story and be surprised too.  This is for the sake of joy, interest and delight, not torture, abuse and neglect.

Trust your own story, it is always the story of the unfolding of joy, the recalling of truth and the growing day by day experience of You-at-peace.


I am noticing that as my fear dwindles in regards to commitment I feel less harried in general.  As I remember commitment is a part of me and not something apart from me I am committed to, I am beginning to relax and trust the creative process and its’ inherent power.  The production of this blog has given me much opportunity to extend love to technology and the whole creative process.  I used to think that when the creative process bogged down (note: bog rhymes with blog) it meant I shouldn’t proceed or that I was doing something wrong.  I am slowly learning it means I should stop and go within and ask “What next?” or “What would be most helpful?” or even “How can I relax into this process?”  I ask: “What do I need to know for my highest good?” or “How can I see this differently?”

All these questions do is return me to me, to my own heart and holiness and remind me I AM the real project—my heart, my experience, my own ability to express love regardless of the conditions I place around myself.

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