9. Day 3: Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

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9. Day 3:  Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

I have a feeling that joy is quite connected to the ordinary.  Can you tell me/show me what is meant by being ordinary?

HS:  Dearest One, the practice of ordinary is the practice of noticing, allowing and being what is true about you all the time.

Ordinary is what is always true, no exceptions.

Ordinary is the rock upon which you build your life.

Ordinary is what the universe is.

Ordinary is what IS.

You long sought extraordinary as a way to tell yourself you are better what what is.  It is a fool’s game which leaves players exhausted, lost, traumatized and forgetful.  Extraordinary is a poor man’s way of experiencing the Awesome Truth that is ever present.  In learning to join in with ordinary you free yourself into the moment at hand; being here now IS what is always happening.  Denying this, ignoring this, wishing it were not true is what ties you in knots (nots).  To untie, release, relax and rejoice; be happy in the ordinary.

The perfect cappuccino

The perfect cappuccino.

Let us call this trip the ordination of ordinary.  This allows you to not set your self above or apart with these thoughts:  “I so lucky/special to get to do this.”, “Why doesn’t everyone get to do this?”, or when you are feeling rakish, “I wonder what the peasants are doing?”  When these thoughts arrive, open yourself to the ordinary present; the hotness of the cappuccino, the lurch of the train carriage, the itch in your ear.  You can feel into your being and give great thanks for ordinary.

Your are not lucky, special, set apart or unique.  You are simply one who desires to awaken.  Others have done this before you so that you can experience this now.  Allow the truth to sink in that all are called, and all will answer this call eventually.  This trip, like you own self, is to be enjoyed, accepted, allowed, celebrated and shared.  Let the beauty, marvel, amazement, delight and awe awaken in you the memory of all these facets of Love that are within you.

Thank you for your willingness to participate fully in your heart’s awareness.  Let the joy flow in all directions.


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