10. Day 4: Fear Of Fear Itself?

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10. Day 4:  Fear Of Fear Itself?

My daughter brought me to a standstill one day in London when I was saying that I was afraid of riding the incredibly long escalator in the Underground.  She said “You are afraid. Full stop.  You don’t need to add “of what”.”  Oh.  I always kind of thought the “of” rather justified and explained the fear.  I suppose that it isn’t really necessary to define the how and why of the fear.  A sense of fear is a coiling, blurring, resisting energy that blocks my awareness of Love’s Presence.  It is the form that draws my attention.  I have been practicing extending love to various forms of fear (fear of commitment, fear of letting go, fear of living joy etc) but what about the energy of fear without the explanation of form?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best when he said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” What if I learned to notice and recognize the earliest inkling and whiff of fear and could extend love as a matter of course, like learning to breath while exercising?  Would this take me even deeper into my heart’s embrace?

Fear loves disguises.

Fear loves disguises.

Me:  Holy Spirit, what do I need to know/see/hear about fear itself, stripped of the “of”?  Please guide me in tenderness and strength to love this oft present energy I don’t understand called fear.  You always say “Fear not!” and this too banishes that tight feeling of impending doom but what is this energy anyway, how does it serve me and how can I let it go or go through as easily and quickly as possible?

HS:  Precious One,

Thank you for joining this morning in quiet openness.  It is this very practice that will allow you early notice of any part of “fear” that you may relax, welcome and ask for guidance.  You really are learning to breathe under water, as it were.  In this place of time and space you are living in a made up world of dual purposes, seemingly battling for supremacy and or noticement.  This duality is one quality of energy appearing as two, expressing at different levels, like different hues of the same color.  You can experience the feelings, frissons and tightness any way you wish.  You have chosen, and continue to choose, to experience these in peace, joy and willingness. This allows you to inhabit the expanded Wholeness, even while you experience the flavors of fear and separation you can and do experience all the qualities and flavors of love.

Come my dear and listen to your heart speak to you of what fear is and is not. Fear is but another way to see love, pause now and give thanks for this truth.

Let’s go deeper into the heart of fear this month with extending love to fear itself without the attendant form and explanation.  What will we see, feel, experience here, where fear lives without disguise?  Come along with me, the best is yet to be.



  1. I’m on an interesting journey of willingness to feel what I have repressed in the past. In a way it feels “bad”– but having the spiritual foundation we have makes feeling bad ‘not so bad’, or something like that. Maybe it’s like having a trusted companion holding my hand through the movie’s scary parts….
    Thank You, Holy Spirit, for being with me while I allow what I was afraid to allow when I didn’t have such a trusting connection with You!

    • I think we are going to learn to LOVE the scary parts! Love that you have such sexy willingness to love! xoxo

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