8. Day 27: Happy Thanks-being

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8. Day 27:  Happy Thanks-being

Giving thanks is a bit of a misnomer.  We are not giving thanks in exchange for our circumstances.  What we truly want is to BE thankfulness, to be giving, to be welcome and comfort and peace.  Giving thanks is for beginners, and it is a wonderful place to begin.  It is easy to give thanks for all you love; for family, home and work, for country, freedom and safety.  How do you give thanks for what you don’t love; the pain, the loneliness, the guilt?  So what is different, deeper about being thanks?  Just as Not-Knowing is a quality of Love, so being thanks is extending a quality of Love. Being thanks has no agenda.  Being thanks is a state of full presence and wonder observing and welcoming all that is. My all-that-is includes a buffet of marvel and waiting:  being in a small flat in an ancient country inn, thick fog, passing cars oblivious to this set aside day in America called Thanksgiving, waiting for word from my cousin that the surgery to remove the tumor in her son was successful yesterday, bursting joy at the news my daughter’s fiancé surprised her for Thanksgiving by arriving unannounced from flight training in Colorado, knowing that I can be thanks whether this country I am a temporary resident in is taking the day off  and serving pumpkin pie or not.

A true mountain top experience.

Being thanks, together.

Offering ourselves up as thanks, welcome and acceptance is a way of acknowledging our true heart. The Love that we are actually is all of those things and more.  We get so busy in our day to day lives we truly forget that our being is regardless of what our doing is doing.  Resolve today, and all todays, to be thanks.   As you are deeply connected to the quality of Love called thanks you feel your heart opening and beaming, sparkling even.  Allow the warmth of that love to share itself in any way you feel moved.  Express the thanks that you are in a smile, a hug, shared tears or splitting a piece of pumpkin pie. As you feel the beaming flowing out, feel the beaming, too, of your brothers heart, showering you with thanks, joy and peace.  In our awareness is Love made clear. In our welcome  is Love made near.  In our thankfulness is Love known here.

In our awareness is Love made clear.

In our welcome  is Love made near.

In our thankfulness is Love known here.

Today, this beautiful day of Thanksgiving, resolve to be the presence of thanks.   When you eat too much, when your brother-in-law forgets to defrost the turkey on time,  when the baby cries, when it is time to do dishes:  Be thanks.  In this way you connect to that which connects us all, all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Your heart will be open to receive all the treasures of the moment.

A Day Of Being Thanks

A Day Of Being Thanks

You will glory in the sound your footfall makes on the pavement walking to the door as much as in the warmth of the hug you receive when the door is opened.  Let it all be perfect for you are perfect in every way.

I am, being thanks with you, as you, for you, by you.

Amen, amen and amen.


  1. Bible: (Thessalonians 5:17) pray without ceasing; (5:18) in everything give thanks

    HS: Remember the love that you are, now and always. I love you. I am love.

    • Amen and amen! In EVERYTHING give thanks. Loving you right back. xoxox

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