8. Day 26: A Week In The Country: Panic Bypass

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8. Day 26:  A Week In The Country:  Panic Bypass

We have now slowed our pace to country time, surely just another way of saying Not-Knowing.   We arrived with great plans and after a brilliant day in Port Isaac, which some of you may know as Port Wehn in TV series Doc Martin, we have gravitated to real, local and ordinary and, dare I say it out loud, slow.  We drive through the countryside with no particular destination.  We pause and walk through the graveyard of a not very old in local terms  (still pushing 300 years!) church and contemplate the nature of time.  We have been to the post office in Holsworthy three times to mail post cards.  Each time Andrew lets out a wry laugh at how hard it is to get my non-chip debit card to work.  We finally surrender and use cash which is totally acceptable in almost any language.

What is interesting is that we have zero desire to see touristy things this week.  We are so enjoying the relative quiet that even the bustle of Market Day does not disturb.  I must admit there is a sort of fear that if we s….l……..o…..w…… right down we will never be able to operate at speed again.  What I most want to to have fast and slow fully integrate so I just experience something called “perfect speed” so that no matter what I am doing just the right amount of oomph or energy flows through in just the perfect amount.  I think integration on all levels is what I am after.  I want work and play to be one strata of being that is fully integrated with peace and joy.  What makes me really tired is the trying to figure out what is needed.  The idea of just being, allowing my divine and human parts to be fully integrated thus allowing me to welcome and surrender to all that is, just asking as I go what do I need to do now, who can I help, what is needed right here, right now.statue of mary

I reckon I will come back to this time again and again in the future and feel into this feeling of ordinary peace and joy when I return to my regularly paced life.  I hope I remember that nothing special actually needed to happen.  I just needed to allow myself the gift of going at the pace that is present.  Right now it is slow, fog scented and surrounded by a small but aged village.  In the future the pace that is present may be quickened, accompanied by multiple phones ringing and a looming deadline, but that too, can be perfect.

As the holiday weekend for Thanksgiving (in the USA) unfolds, allow yourself to relax into whatever the pace of the day requires.  At the shopping and cooking stages, stop and take a few deep breaths reminding yourself that the pace is perfect.  At the pumpkin pie stage breathe again and remind yourself slow and easy is perfect too.  I am fully grateful for the feeling of spaciousness I am allowing to puddle at my feet and in my marrow.  Let it be gathering awareness for all I need to be, give and do.

I would like to finish with a lovely recent quote from the Voice for Love:

“Be here in this moment and know that you are God’s holy and precious Child,

fulfilling your purpose exactly as He planned. How could it be otherwise

when you see through the eyes of Love?

Join Him in this moment and see yourself as God sees you.”—–The Voice For Love


  1. Giving thanks, again and again.

    • And for you my precious one, and for you. xoxo

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