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5. Day 15: Feel Your GodSelf Shining

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5. Day 15:  Feel Your GodSelf Shining

My walk in extending love to the fear of EVERY DAY is giving me time and space to allow notice of this body I am in.  It is easy for me to give much thought to lip color and shoe comfort, sparkly glasses and the best outfit for the job at hand but to be honest, I give little thought to my actual body.  I DO eventually give thought when my body is in pain or exhausted but my daily walk is giving me a a different kind of opportunity to be with my body.  Is it possible I am making friends with my body?  As I walk I send loving messages to my cells.  I can just imagine them thinking “This...

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4. Day 21: How Do I Love Thee?

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4. Day 21:  How Do I Love Thee?

The days have been so full and my quiet time and meditation are happening in all kinds of ways (and at odd times) and I am feeling a little discombobulated.  Where do I need my awareness to grow? HS:  Let us nestle together in peace now.  Abide in me as I abide in you. Bring me the treasures of my heart that I may once again know the truth.   “How Do I Love Thee?” How do I love Thee, let me count the ways in innocence, in pain, in strength, in loneliness in joy, in sadness, in bereavement, and in gladness in toil, in rest, in anger, in jest in truth, in lying, in living and...

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3. Day 5: Walk Without Worry

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3. Day 5:  Walk Without Worry

For some reason I have had an attack of self doubt (time for more Innocence Awareness Training) and exhaustion.  After a nap yesterday, whole food and stillness I am returned to the awareness of the possibility of innocence being the truth about me.  This quote from “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” was a spoon of golden honey to my heart:   “In service, you are one with me, who has joined with the Holy Spirit in service and love. I give myself to Him for all. This is the way to know Heaven.”——-NTI Mark 10 p. 102 This...

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3. Day 4: Innocence Awareness Training

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3. Day 4:  Innocence Awareness Training

I have been guided to  undergo “Innocence Awareness Training” as a way of extending love to guilt and experiencing the daily truth of my innocence. Me:  How can I experience my innocence daily? HS:  Dearest One,  Let us begin innocence awareness training this very day.  Innocence does not flee from charges of guilt; there is no truth in them.  Innocence does does not flee.  Innocence remains fully present.  Innocence is it’s own protection, power and truth. Me:  But what if I choose to do something here that gets me into trouble? HS:  Dear One, if you choose to get into...

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2. Day 29: Precious One

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2. Day 29:  Precious One

The thing I love most about depression is this certainty of not being incredibly precious, valuable and vital to both the world’s collective happiness and to your own.  I get it, it feels like nothing is worth it, that you are not worth it but have you ever asked yourself:  Is this true? Go on.  Ask.  I dare you. Take a deep breath and relax.  Close your eyes and sink into the quiet.  What do you feel?  In this moment is there really anything you need?  We are finally getting to the bottom of the the list [of the “21 Fear Salute” of depression] and to the crux of the issue....

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