5. Day 15: Feel Your GodSelf Shining

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5. Day 15:  Feel Your GodSelf Shining

My walk in extending love to the fear of EVERY DAY is giving me time and space to allow notice of this body I am in.  It is easy for me to give much thought to lip color and shoe comfort, sparkly glasses and the best outfit for the job at hand but to be honest, I give little thought to my actual body.  I DO eventually give thought when my body is in pain or exhausted but my daily walk is giving me a a different kind of opportunity to be with my body.  Is it possible I am making friends with my body?  As I walk I send loving messages to my cells.  I can just imagine them thinking “This must be a wrong number!  She has never called before!!”  I also am allowing my body to be as it is.  This morning I noticed just how tired I was and allowed the shorter walk and cancelled a couple of activities from my day to ensure the communication of love I am trying to establish awareness of within my body is a two-way street.  This poem is my little ode of love to my cells.

“Cellular Awakening”

Awaken my Precious Ones

Feel your GodSelf shining!

Feel your GodSelf shining!

Feel your GodSelf shining

Know the inherent beauty

wisdom and energy

that is your birthright

Delight in its unfolding

as your Awareness dawns

to shine its inevitable light

on all that is

within and without

for better of for worse

for richer or for poorer

in sickness and in health

as long as you shall live

(psssst!  You are life forever. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are simply flavors of eternity;)


  1. Love the poem! It made me thing of the birth of a child and all that live has to offer them!

    • Oh I love the way you saw this! Thanks for sharing:) xoxo

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