3. Day 4: Innocence Awareness Training

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3. Day 4:  Innocence Awareness Training

I have been guided to  undergo “Innocence Awareness Training” as a way of extending love to guilt and experiencing the daily truth of my innocence.

Me:  How can I experience my innocence daily?

HS:  Dearest One, 

Let us begin innocence awareness training this very day.  Innocence does not flee from charges of guilt; there is no truth in them.  Innocence does does not flee.  Innocence remains fully present.  Innocence is it’s own protection, power and truth.

Me:  But what if I choose to do something here that gets me into trouble?

HS:  Dear One, if you choose to get into trouble you take your innocence with you.  You may face consequences of actions of this one expression of you but your innocence of heart remains.  You may return in any moment to experience that true innocence and be guided by it.

It is not that you can’t do something that lands you into very big trouble or accusation on earth but in this you have chosen to experience not-innocence.  You can drop the “not-” at any time you desire by returning to your own heart.  This takes away the suffering and ushers in a way to experience all innocence has to offer in the circumstances you find yourself in.

Me:  How can I express my innocence or spend time in my innocence?

HS:  Spend time in My Innocence, it is your own.  Do you believe I will charge you as guilty then make a way to erase the charge or just remind you of what is already, always true?  You are innocent.  

You are innocence.

Guilty is but the forgetting of innocence.

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