3. Day 5: Walk Without Worry

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3. Day 5:  Walk Without Worry

For some reason I have had an attack of self doubt (time for more Innocence Awareness Training) and exhaustion.  After a nap yesterday, whole food and stillness I am returned to the awareness of the possibility of innocence being the truth about me.  This quote from “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” was a spoon of golden honey to my heart:


“In service, you are one with me, who has joined with the Holy Spirit in service and love. I give myself to Him for all. This is the way to know Heaven.”——-NTI Mark 10 p. 102

This reminds me my service is joining with you in service and in love.  When I forget, I am lifeless.  When I am aware of Love’s Presence, your presence, I feel my connection, openness and all other qualities of love bubbling up and through me.  I feel good, whole, strong.  When I am not aware [of Love’s Presence] I feel nothing; no life, no guidance—well, except the guidance to “see this, too, as gift”.  So, really, I guess it is all ok.

Me:  What is the most powerful thing I can do today?

HS:  Walk without worry.

Me:  How do I do this?

HS:  Dearest One,

Walk without worry.

Walk without worry.

Good morning, welcome back to your heart and way and truth.  Who you are always remains even as you close your eyes to it.  Fear not; nothing in truth changes, only your experience of you changes. 

My experience of you does not change.  You ask how to walk without worry.  

Be still a moment and feel into the spaciousness and contentedness that is in your heart. Really feel into this.

Me:  It is very relaxing.

HS:  This is you; your heart, your peace, your contentedness.  It goes with you everywhere you are.  Worry, fret, nervous, annoyance, left behinded-ness, lonely, tail-spin, numb all conspire to tell you these are the truth of you.

Dearest One, these thoughts are all one forgetting fear of your own complete heart which is where I live.  When you notice worry or fret simply smile to yourself for now they are reminders to you to come home.  A call for love.

A call for love says: “Come home to your heart. Come home to truth. Come home to me.”

Worry is a thought of fearing the future or the past.  “I wasn’t enough”, “I won’t be enough”. When you breath deeply and remember:  I am enough, you reconnect to the enough-ness of your heart.


  1. Being still is just so important when you have an attack of worry of any kind. And it is truly amazing how quickly things change when we do walk without worry.

    Valuable insights as always.

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