11. Day 13: It’s What Love Would Do

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11. Day 13:  It’s What Love Would Do

I have a dear and good friend who is my soul’s mirror, my holy witness and agitator without whom I would never see wholly.  This one is a gift beyond measure (and you know I, now, truly adore and am uplifted by measure).  I have the joy and privilege of being able to be my whole, unadulterated, untidy, unwitting self when we are together.  I find this One in all I meet…….if I but allow it.  We learn how to love and be loved limitedly one step, hug and glance at a time until we can bear to allow and entertain the true unlimited  nature of the Love that we are.

Love loves all the thoughts,

Love loves all the thoughts,

Today these gems rolled off out into the open of our awareness while we discussed and shared the holy moment that is Today.

“You should appreciate your gifts, after all, they were given to you.”

“We love limitedly until we can love fully.”

“I was sitting on the sofa with my fulfillment, feeling it as a wave upon the sand; gentle, kind, saturating.”

“Passion and fulfillment go hand in hand.”

“Measuring is another way to give your undivided attention, it’s what love would do.”

“Anyone that gets fired actually fires themselves.  How can anything happen but that it is our heart’s desire?”


It’s what love would do.

As I allow the truth of who I am to come forward and speak and do and be, I invite others to do the same.  As we each begin to inhabit the truth of who we are and express this in the infinite number of ways open to us we encourage increased awareness of Love and its’ daily presence in our lives, in our work and play,  in our families and communities and in our very own hearts.

Go love and be loved my friends. Extending love to your thoughts is just the beginning. And Love is too big to be limited to one day of hugs and gift giving to our special someone.  Love is for all of us; for our children, our neighbors, our city and nation.  Love is for our friends and enemies, all of our political parties, for rich and poor, for the earth, sun and stars.  Love is unlimited; if we allow it into our awareness. Waking up to the presence of Love in all that we do is changing our world at the cellular level.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.


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