5. Day 9: You Are Love-Able EVERY DAY

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5. Day 9:  You Are Love-Able EVERY DAY

It feels like I have barely had time to look directly at my fear of EVERY DAY.  I have been walking every day (to be honest I did miss one day due to traveling but let the joy of letting go allow that to be exactly perfect sans guilt of any kind).  I feel something important is creeping into my periphery, I can feel it’s presence but can’t quite see it.

Me:  What would you like to tell me about EVERY DAY and why I fear it or want to argue with it (or ignore it or even flatly refuse it?)

HS:  Precious One,

Thank you for taking time to be with your willingness in this way.  Your willingness to face, notice and extend much love in all qualities has indeed called forth all of these opportunities as both gift and giver.  You are both gift and giver.  In all ways Love is both the gift and the giver.  See this in

Love blooms EVERY DAY.

Love blooms EVERY DAY.

all things.  Love is what you give.  Love does the giving.  The gift is always being aware this is what is always happening.

Awareness of the moment you are in is an art, a practice, a living.  In awareness of your own nature of love you become content to be your Self in all circumstances, with all people, at all times.  We do not ask you ever to be anything you are not already.  The practice of EVERY DAY is re-mind-ing you every day that you are Love, Love-able, Loving, Love-worthy EVERY DAY.  There is no day where love is not the answer to all questions, all pain, all sadness, all loss.  In EVERY DAY you taste the eternal nature of love.

It is this you fear.  Your eternal nature IS what you fear. You think you fear the truth of hearing your quirks, your foibles–you don’t like to exersize; you cry at the drop of a hat; you eat food that makes you feel bloated.  You would rather these things than know you have the power of creation at your fingertips.  You are a Lover of worlds.  Your strength, resilience and generosity knows no bounds.  Your tenderness and kindness flow in all directions.  You are both Mother and Father to your Self and your self.  This I know–you are precious, infinitely so, yet you choose to worry and focus on the foibles, as you see them.

You make a big deal out of nothing, then overwhelm and exhaust yourself by the ordeal of a BIG DEAL.  EVERY DAY gives you the chance to realize you are present every day.  Your nature is present every day.  You are YOU every day.

You can give thanks every day; extend love every day; be present every day.


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