12. Day 16: This Glorious Process

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12. Day 16:  This Glorious Process

I am nearing the end of my Twelvemonth.  I began posting April 1, 2014; April Fool’s Day just seemed the perfect place to begin.  I know I have many projects, writing and otherwise that will come forth in the coming months.  I know I will continue posting but as yet do not have an idea of exactly how much or what it will look like.  It is like looking at a very soft focus photograph, I can see the shapes and colors but not the details.  I asked Holy Spirit what I needed to know at this time as I move toward completion of this particular phase of the Twelvemonth of Self Love project.

HS:  Precious One,

My darling heart, you are standing in the full knowing of your power now. Allow yourself to trust the bigger picture.  This work and worth-awareness is being birthed in you now.  It appears a stretch of time yet is no-time in eternity.  Allow your full focus to be born and captivated by this glorious process.  Do not be distracted. Let your energy, interest, delight and curiosity be in your self and project.

Focus all the joy, wonder-at-what-revelation-is-next, entertainment and time on your project. This is an important time of honing your own willingness to serve your whole heart.  Keep noticing what feels good, delicious, and light (as opposed to weakening, distracting or draining).  Notice and follow what you alone desire.  Focus completely on Our Voice.  You are fully home and fully aware of this, keep it in your sights.

I will take care of the logistics; simply trust the process and do not fear the path.  I am with you.  Determine now, here, this moment, You Are Worth Your Time, Focus, Energy and JOY. What serves your delight, peace and heart automatically serves all; do not doubt this.

a place of pure energy

I am the message and I am the messenger.

I am the message.

I am the messenger.

I am the audience.

I am the way.

I am the truth.

I am the life shared by all.

This is exciting because it is exciting your every cell and atom. Each molecule in your being is playing a part; as it does when you walk to the kitchen and put the kettle on for tea:

desire, possibility, guidance

task, wait, ready

pour, steep, sip

All stages of expression are being held together for Your Good, Your Peace, Your Delight.  I am your truth.  Be with me as I am with you.


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