3. Day 17: Ready, Willing & Able

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3. Day 17:  Ready, Willing & Able

What is a practice I can do to let go of my attraction to guilt?  How can I express harmlessness to my self?

HS:  Dearest One,

You are doing this right now.  Your continued willingness to ask and listen literally is creating pathways of open communication from Divine into current awareness in this visible world you see to be in.  You have already begun to notice and be aware of a practice that will allow you to let go of the need for guilt.

The practice of harmlessness to your body will bring your awareness alive on a cellular level.  Your body lives to communicate my love for you;  let it do this.  Be aware, be gloriously aware of the body divine.  Let the atomic and cellular structure and systemic communication be brought fully into your awareness.  You literally cover over this awareness with harmfulness and ignoral (always harmful) when you refuse to lovingly notice your body and its desires.

Precious One, I want you to think of your body as having desires rather than needs.  Let the desires of your body be make known to you within your awareness.  Does your body desire nourishment, hydration, movement or stillness?  The guilt you are now looking at directly affects your relationship with your body.  Guilt covers over what it will not look at.  Guilt IS the covering.

Love is harmless.

Love is harmless.

As you lay aside the covering you are making the announcement to your self:

I am ready, willing and able to see my Self.

I am safe.

I am enough.

Me:  How exactly do I practice harmlessness to my body?

HS:  Honor your body by noticing it, tenderly accepting it and vowing to give attention, willingness and honesty as daily gifts.  In this way you will will remain alert to the truth about you for you body wishes only to tell you this. Listen with the full awareness of harmlessness and see your body for what it is, a way for you toe know yourself. Listen. Learn. Accept.  Harmlessness is what Love practices for Love will not harm.


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