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5. Day 3: Tapping Into The Truth

Posted by on Aug 3, 2014 in All-One, Fear of EVERY DAY, Practices | 4 comments

5. Day 3:  Tapping Into The Truth

My walk this morning was less vast, more slog.  I could barely connect with the beauty of land, sky and domicile. When I rounded the end of our street I started tapping (A protocol of awareness that works incredibly well;  you tap certain points on head and face in order while repeating “Even though…….; I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. This is used most effectively with trauma and thoughts/emotions you just can’t get around/through.)   I was willing to try anything to get over the impossibility of EVERY DAY, especially on only the third day. tap,...

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5. Day 2: Walking A Mile In My Own Shoes

Posted by on Aug 2, 2014 in All-One, Fear of EVERY DAY | 0 comments

5. Day 2:  Walking A Mile In My Own Shoes

Let’s begin extending love to EVERY DAY by doing something every day that needs love. Thus, I walked one mile with our corgi, Rugby.  It felt really good and coolish in the early morning after the heat yesterday.  I wasn’t planning on taking the dog but he appeared at the back door as soon as he saw my tennis shoes come out of the closet.  He loves walking so much that he actually kept my normally lackadaisical pace up enough to get my blood pumping. These thoughts were crowding in my mind like some kind of filled to the brim dessert tray: I want to do this/ I don’t want to...

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