5. Day 3: Tapping Into The Truth

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5. Day 3:  Tapping Into The Truth

My walk this morning was less vast, more slog.  I could barely connect with the beauty of land, sky and domicile. When I rounded the end of our street I started tapping (A protocol of awareness that works incredibly well;  you tap certain points on head and face in order while repeating “Even though…….; I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. This is used most effectively with trauma and thoughts/emotions you just can’t get around/through.)   I was willing to try anything to get over the impossibility of EVERY DAY, especially on only the third day.

tap, tap, tap………….even though I don’t like exersize…..I deeply & completely love & accept myself

tap, tap, tap………..even though I want to run and hide instead of doing this…..I deeply, completely love & accept myself

tap, tap, tap…..even though I wonder what’s the point…..I deeply & completely love & accept myself

tap, tap, tap….even though I don’t know how this will play out…..I deeply & completely love & accept myself

tap, tap, tap, even though I don’t want to do this…..I deeply & completely love & accept my self and my body

I began to realize that walking a mile in my own shoes, i.e., my own body was going to be more awareness provoking than I intended.  I was already seeing the machine gun thoughts that come out when I am requiring my body to do something new.  No longer are my thoughts just thoughts but they were thoughts in motion, which shifted my perspective entirely.  I was face to face with this realization:  I hold my thoughts in higher esteem in comparison to my body, which I had to admit was just along for the ride, so to speak.  God, I DO over think everything (as my dear husband has been known to point out on a few occasions).

Me:  HS,  please guide me on how I can more fully inhabit, appreciate and tenderly care for this marvelous body/machine?  Thank you.

HS:  Dearest One,

Even though my body gets in the way, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.

Even though my body gets in the way, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.

Thank you for joining in this beautiful way.  Continue walking with me every day as we explore the depth and beauty of both “EVERY DAY” and your body gift.  Do these things as we walk:  note, revere, nourish.

Ask if you feel unable, or unwilling to proceed at any point.

Note:  how you feel; heart rate; where is your energy emanating from; can you hear/feel your cells and how the body is working together for good?

Revere:  the mechanics of the body (organs, systems, atomic & cellular structure);  the path, the sky, the air, the scents, the time;  your heartbeat, energy flow, comfy shoes, bird chirp, sprinkler spray

Nourish:  breathe deeply and intentionally;  tap as needed for thoughts (this will connect your to your body and awareness simultaneously without judgment); hum or sing as moved; laugh to yourself at the marvel of the day, our walk together, your life; give thanks for our Spirit walks of joy & strengthening

Record your experiences both slow and fast, mountain top and valley, joy and slog.  This is your daily bread–take and eat thereof.

Me:  Thank you HS for this path, this month and my growing awareness of my awareness, willingness and the daily presence of all that I need is right here.




  1. I am reminded of the “honeymoon” period of new practice, followed by the “Oh, man, do I still have to chop that wood and carry that water EVERY day?” Ha!
    I’ve established a great peace and even some pleasure with some mundane tasks like laundry and dishes, but your 1 mile walk shows me where the cliff/chasm stands between me and other self-care & self-loving actions of discipline.
    Thanks for the homework…. (only a tinge of sarcasm in that mostly heartfelt statement of gratitude)

    • Isn’t it funny that we resist so mightily self love and care? Sure we can do some things but imagining ourselves loving ourselves EVERY DAY?? Yikes! I guess this is why we have one another to love and care for in the mean time;) xoxo

  2. And the “tapping” goes on.

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