5. Day 6: Walk Without Thinking

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5. Day 6:  Walk Without Thinking

My walk today was lovely.  I walked without thought.  For a confirmed thinker, this alone is new bliss.  I realized I can “just walk” without thinking about walking.  I know those reading this are giggling in your coffee (or tea) but there is very little I do without the awareness of thinking about what I am doing.  Driving is a good example.  I have to think of where all the other cars are in relation to me, I must calculate the odds of me getting distracted and plummeting to my death over the  side of the bridge (or cliff edge if we are in the mountains).  I have to spend the time thinking therefore my actual physical reaction time is incredibly slow.  I can tell you that over-thinking driving makes for an anxious driver (And passenger.  Ask my daughters who have been both driving for a total of 16 years between them, they will confirm I still clutch the door handle rounding even the safest of corners. ) Doing anything without thinking about it is a gift.  It honestly never occurred to me walking could be thus.  Because of this my blog posts may be a bit shorter this month.

Holy Spirit is simply showing me a new way of being:  “Walk with Me without thought” (this sounds like a Bible verse from my childhood).  I love it when a verse or truth comes to life right within me, don’t you?

Perhaps this is the beauty of EVERY DAY, no thought.  It just IS.  Walking Is.  EVERY DAY IS.  I AM.

Walking IS extending love to my thoughts.

Nothing more is needed.


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