5. Day 4: Walk With Me

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5. Day 4:  Walk With Me

I am really feeling the end of weeks, nay months, of constant importance of right now (weddings, graduations, commissioning, reunions, travels etc).  I feel ready to be done with it. There have been so many important, wonderful events, visits, transitions and they are taking their toll of sorts.  I can’t quite express it but a lot of seeming “once in a lifetime” feelings have left me feeling rather worn out.  Not necessarily in the sense of ‘I don’t want them to happen’ but my own excitement and way of responding leaves me feeling depleted. The rise of anticipation, the intensity of NOW followed by the fall into memory.

There must be a better way of experiencing my being.  I feel like I am trying to squeeze the world through a pin prick hole in a piece of paper.  How to I relax IN this and INTO this?  I contract in tension, excitement and constancy and feel like I thwart/lessen the joy of the moment just trying to survive the intensity.

HS:  My Precious Child,

It is with perfect timing and tenderness that we have chosen EVERY DAY to join together and extend love into. Dearest One, it is you who bring the intensity to the moment.  Think of importance as an importing of elevated senses.  This is one way of experiencing what you call a

Love blooms when asked.

Walk with Me.

special event.  Another way is to delight in all that is happening both in your own self and body and in your day, circle or community.  You needn’t try to control how events play out.  Simply know all events, moments, circumstances are for one purpose:  to bring Love into your awareness.  My love for you.  Your love for your brother.  The joined love you share with the One that we are.  The qualities of love you delight in.  No matter how an event or visit or moment plays out, Love is present.  You may choose in any moment to join in awareness of that Love.

Stop.  Breathe.  Ask for guidance, peace, joy in the moment you are in.  Comfort, tenderness, strength, clarity are all yours for the experiencing.  When you are in the midst of intensity ask for clarity and guidance as to how to relax into it and to trust it.  Fear not importance.  It is just a tool which highlights awareness.

Dearest One, simply sink into the  practice of EVERY DAY, walk with Me.  Trust me.  Be with your own presence and trust the purpose of our walking together.  Remember this is always happening whether you have your tennis shoes on or not.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Every moment is a Divine encounter, every facet is an exposure to the boundless energies by which life is sustained and our spirits made whole.

    • So beautifully said Howard. Thank you. xo

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