Living Guidance

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Living Guidance

This year my husband and I made a vow to invite spaciousness into our days and weeks (minding our schedule, daily meditation, listening to our own desires).  Last year was so full, so very intense that we all but crawled into 2016.  We declared January is for napping.  As we moved back into our busy days and weeks I began to feel concern that we were going down the road of busy and exhaustion once more so I sought guidance from Holy Spirit.

Me:  I am feeling apprehensive in betting busy again.  How will the busyness feel and how will we manage our health (& well being)?  Can we be both successful AND healthy & happy?

Holy Spirit:  Unity has no need to shout.  It is fully and completely aware of its Self.  Unity allows and welcomes the path each are on for this is the will of God.  Fear not your disquiet.  Notice, honor it and listen that you may fully hear the Love and Unity that is already fully present.

You needn’t think either/or.  You needn’t really even thing both/and.  Simply, fully notice the opportunity for joy and peace in every moment.  Guidance is surely always guiding–at all times–simply allow yourself to truly behold this.

The power within you knows what to do.

The power within you knows what to do.

You keep thinking a BIG overhaul will be needed whether in the garage, your business or your health.  Behold the daily guidance that leads you surely to the joy and peace of your heart.  It will happen so easily you may not even notice it is guidance for you have taught yourself to feel lost before you ask for guidance.

Imagine what it would feel like to not feel lost but free, open to possibility and fully cared for and supported by utter kindness?  This is the beginning of living guidance without having to make yourself lost first.

Breathe in and know you are loved.

Be joyful in the daily guidance to speak, write, offer friendship, listen and smile; knowing this too is your Heaven home. Your Heart longs for you to know more fully how much you are loved and how powerful you truly are.

Guidance is always guiding.

Guidance is surely always guiding.

Precious one, fret not.  Nothing is wrong, you have everything you need and you are sinking into–syncing into–your heart that your mind may be completely of service.  This unity of heart and mind will make for joyful living.  This is the easiest and greatest success; a life of pure joy and peace leading to the utmost realization of the easy strength of your true power.

The power within you knows what to do.  Receive it, trust it, listen and watch with joy as it unfolds in ways both unexpected and hoped for.

Let peace and joy guide you.  Trust the desires of your heart.


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