11. Day 3: Breathe & Always ASK

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11. Day 3:  Breathe & Always ASK

I am continuing my bid to extend love to my fear of success (which feels much like a bear breathing down my neck) through reading a well-known and respected book about success by Jack Canfield (“The Success Principles“).  I have had the privilege of hearing him speak twice at the BNI International Conference.  Most recently in November of last year.  It is seeing and hearing him that is giving me the willingness to persevere in the face of a type of book that usually leaves me nauseated or overwhelmed or both. Jack Canfield was a complete joy to hear.  He spoke from such a wide and spacious heart, no “rah, rah!!” in sight.  I could feel his intention of only goodness.  This was enough for me to both buy his books and sign up for a future seminar and retreat.

As I read this book I keep remembering the very real person behind it and the very real Heart behind him.  So I am persevering with shining the light of love on this part of myself.  The part that judges, rolls its’ eyes and feels responsible for everything else except herself.  If this isn’t your area of fear, just read along and extend love with me, I am going to need every bit of our joined Heart to walk this path.

breathe & always ask

Fear is like a dog on the cupcake table; it makes it hard to enjoy the cupcakes.

In my reading of “The Success Principles” I immediately stumble at this:

“The theme of this book is how to get from where you are to where you want to be.”—p. 29

Me:  My clouded perception sees this only as telling me that wherever I am is not enough.  I don’t want to feel like where I am is not enough or bad or wrong or anything else.  (You can sense my overthinking self ready to flee here, yes?)

Oh, and this sentence immediately sends me into a feeling of overwhelm:

“To create a balanced and successful life your vision needs to include these seven areas:  work & career, finances, recreation & free time, health & fitness, relationships, personal goals, and contribution to the larger community.”——-p. 29

Oh.  Is that all???

I feel like I need a translation already.  Please help Holy Spirit.  I don’t want to continue reading without you or to practice this without you.  Living a fully integrated life of love, peace and joy fueled with Holy Spirit and loving my life is my goal.  What do I need to know right now?  Why did this fear choose me?

HS:  Dearest One,

Fear not, I have not, nor can not, abandon you in the desert of your fear.  It is not that “success” is what you are needing or even after, but that your letting go of the judgment of success, its’ practice and what it is and is not will allow your fears to be let go as well.

Fear and judgment walk hand in hand.  Letting go of one will automatically let go of the other.

The principles of success oft discussed in self -help business books are simply one way to walk up to the truth of who you are, if you choose to see this.

You must notice that you bring your self along to every category of your life, it is your self that is being practiced, the categories are just different venues to see your self, your heart, your guidance, your awareness and your truth.

Breathe and always ask me when any discomfort arises.

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