9. Day 17: The Office Is Leaking……Joy?

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9. Day 17:  The Office Is Leaking……Joy?

Another call in the middle of the night gave us a renewed opportunity to be present, admit powerlessness on the one hand and all joy, peace, and trust on the other hand.  California has been experiencing drought conditions for the past nearly two years.  Our rainfall has been scant, we have been on segregated watering days and even the Mercedes Benz service department has ceased offering a car-washing service for owners due to water restrictions.  We don’t get served water at restaurants unless requested and though old trees are being watered, the grass around our Capitol is being allowed to die off in order to save water.  So when the storms came we were all overjoyed to have water pouring out of the skies, filling up damns and reservoirs.  Until…………the water started leaking into our office in great gushes.  Our daughter has been standing guard, changing towels, calling contractors and generally trying to get to the bottom of the problem which she thought was more or less solved. We all breathed a sigh of relief and were overjoyed to have her join us here in the Lake District along with her sister from Bath to begin our family Christmas holiday.

Together in trust, love & peace.

Together in trust, love & peace.

Then came the call.  Again in the middle of the night when we are sleepy, disoriented and I can’t find my glasses (which weirdly help me hear better too).  The leak has begun again with more rain coming down.  A dear friend is looking after house and dogs and now she has been sent scurrying with towels and phone calls to the contractor.  And here we sit, warm, comfortable, ready to relax for the holidays.  Our choice was to worry and stay up all night hoping for news or to trust and return to bed, knowing that there was literally nothing we could do other than prayer, trust and return to peace.  This is when Holy Spirit speaks in ancient reminders:  “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”  “He didn’t take you this far to abandon you.”  “Jesus love you.”  And really, I could still give great thanks.  Thanks for the wonderful friends who were willing to walk through the inconvenience to make sure our office and home were secure.  If the whole thing washed away, I could give thanks that we know great people who could rebuild.

It really did all come down to “He IS greater, WHO IS WITHIN us”.  We could say, with great gratitude, our family was present, safe and well and we all know intimately the power of God’s Loving Kindness in all things.  Beyond that it is for us but to watch the story of our lives to unfold in wonder. Thank you Oh Loving One for the power of Loving Trust, Infinite Kindness and the Truth that is always fully present within our hearts.

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