8. Day 6: Where Peace & Calm Are Lounging

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8. Day 6:  Where Peace & Calm Are Lounging

Yesterday was one of those days that you wonder how on earth you got there in the first place and how will you make it to the end of the day in a state of anything coming close to wholeness.  We are flying to London in a week for an extended time of work, sabbatical and wonder.  But first there is an important conference to attend in Los Angeles.  What fertile ground for the practice of not-knowing.  I faced yesterday in such a state of not-knowing (spilled over from the previous day of not-knowing) that I almost had to laugh as I looked at the day’s list which included changing dinner reservations at Disneyland, voting and four appointments with my health and wellness team as well as the usual work.  Was this day created precisely for me to notice, appreciate and extend gentle laughter to whatever knowing stands for in my mind that I might know, in the Biblical sense of intimacy, not-knowing?  On top of all of the lists and activities that go on in order for one to leave home and office for a few days we have boldly declared leaving both home and office for nearly two months beginning next week (talk about not-knowing).  In this day and age this cavalier attempt to go deeper by unplugging is either a declaration of insanity or holy wonder.  I’m going with the holy wonder.

I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to get onto he plane yesterday as I have been nursing a persistent rather painful earache. I’d done all the home remedies I could think of and still woke wondering if I needed to see a doctor before flying. Ugh.  I hate these right-at-the-last-minute questions.  So I opened my journal randomly to a past bit of deliciousness that I had to share.  This ushered me quite gently into the not-knowing where peace and calm were lounging.  My inner ear relaxed just reading it.

Peace + Calm = Joy

Peace + Calm = Joy

“Each cell of your body carries within itself a magnificent part of the God-Essence. And as this new [vast source of] energy field caresses your cellular structure, it frees the essence that lies within.

When seated in meditation, [direct] the cells to relax and to release outmoded beliefs and stale emotions, relax and release repetitious thoughts and bodily tensions.

As cellular relaxation takes place, there is a sense in the being of letting go.

It is this relaxation, this trusting of the energy, that brings a deep & continuous feeling of the TRUSTWORTHINESS OF GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS.”———“Reflections Of An Elder Brother” by Bartholomew

I sat quietly in the wee hours of yesterday morning and released my fears of flying with an earache, my disbelief of making a business trip so close to our epic trip, and woke up again to the intrinsic power and trustworthiness of God-Consciousness.  What would happen would happen, I could be assured of it all happening for grace and good, no matter what it was.  I could rest in my guidance (call the doctor on the phone for flying advice, take two Advil & a tsp of silver) and have hot tea in my London mug to remind myself that it was not just me making the trip, but God as well.

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