9. Day 29: What I Have Learned From Taking 7 Weeks Off

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9. Day 29:  What I Have Learned From Taking 7 Weeks Off

What have I learned from taking seven weeks off from our normal daily life?

1.  There is no such thing as taking off from daily life. (life and the dailiness continues, just differently)

2.  Life continues too, abundantly

3.  The trip really began when we allowed ourselves to think it was possible (this began in intention over a year ago, in reality over six months ago)

4.  It all started with this thought:  We’d love to return to England.

5.  We can only take off from our businesses because we have an incredible, trustworthy, capable team taking care of day to day business

6.  I miss our team and clients and members (they really are part of our life’s joy)

7.  A month would be enough in the future

Travel: A ticket to see yourself

Travel: A ticket to see yourself

8.  We never stop networking through relationships

9.  The things we love at home are the things we love abroad

10.  Energy, time, thought are all still used

11.  Holy Spirit is present no matter where we are or what we are doing (me too)

12.  You really can shift/regain perspective through travel

13.  I really love the life I lead at home

14.  You even need a day off on holidays

15.  Traveling is a great way to return to your own self

16.  It is also a great way to return your awareness to the dearness of your closest relationships

17.  I naturally create a home wherever I go

18.  Stuff still accumulates

19.  I really have taken such a break from worrying that I may not be able to return to this old companion.  I didn’t realize how much I worried until I stopped.

You take your self with you wherever you go.

You take your self with you wherever you go.

20.  I have learned to write anywhere

21.  A home-base is a wonderful thing

22.  The more people you travel with the longer it takes

23.  I still brought too much stuff with me (even though I used virtually everything)

24.  Traveling is kind of a job too (what are you going to do? where are you going to go? how are you going to do it?), it just doesn’t happen, even when you travel intuitively and follow your inner guidance you still have to book a train, order dinner and buy toilet paper

25.  It was worth every penny, hour of planning, preparation and effort it took to get here (and stay for 7 weeks)




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