8. Day 4: Not-Knowing IS….

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8. Day 4:  Not-Knowing IS….

I feel bubbly, jittery, nervous and swirly.  The rapid staccato strobe light effect is like having my heart on speed boil. I need to express it all and just allow the flow so balance and peace may return to my awareness.  I can barely calm down with all that is going on (of the happiest variety, flying to LA for a conference, prepping for our departure soon to UK, a wedding etc).  Help and guide me into peace now.

My walk helped tremendously.  It allowed the nervous energy to move through me and left me open to hear the Holy Spirit.  These thoughts came to me during the walk.

HS:  Not-knowing includes all knowing like Light includes all color.

Not-knowing is all potentiality, the oracle of creation, all that is, was & will be.

Not-knowing is Love/God at rest.  Knowing is Love/God in motion.

Not-knowing, when embraced, allows all things to be as they are right now without needing them to change.

Not-knowing is not the same as not remembering.  Not remembering (aka forgetting) is a way of closing your eyes to the truth about you or a brother.

Not-knowing is the open heart acknowledging the inherent peace present that holds all possibilities.

Nothing is impossible in Christ.

Not-knowing holds all possibilities.

Not-knowing holds all possibilities.

Not-knowing holds all possibilities.

When I extend not-knowing I am releasing my hold on any agenda or specific possibility I am attached to.

Not-knowing is the welcoming of the natural detachment present in the place of infinite possibility.

No possibility is better or worse than another possibility.

God is God.

Love is Love.

I am & I am not

Love & not Love

God & not God

Not-knowing is an infinite relaxing into trusting all-that-is.

From this place of peace, clarity, guidance and joy create possibilities to experience.


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