5. Day 31: A Malleable Kindness

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5. Day 31:  A Malleable Kindness

Holy Spirit, you spoke yesterday about my awareness expanding out to the stars.  That is rather intriguing.  Can you tell me more about this and how is relates to this month of EVERY DAY.  Thank you Friend.

HS:  EVERY DAY is the way you melt into the expansion of your awareness.  If you were to become aware of your Awareness all at once you could be overwhelmed and experience such shock it would take eons for you to recover.  This game of life you enjoy on this earth is just one way you are expanding on the awareness that you are.  Fear not talk of the universe at large.  Scientists are exploring and finding out exciting things about physics and the very structure of the universe.

This malleable kindness that all is held in IS your awareness.

This malleable kindness that all is held in IS your awareness.  You use EVERY DAY to open your eyes bit by bit to the unconditional nature of the Love that you are.  EVERY DAY you give yourself opportunities to see, to forgive, to love, to notice and to know.  The not knowing is another way to describe the Awareness for this is the space where all of creation begins.  Fear not the largeness of these concepts.  They are not for the growing of fear but of the noticing that fear is just the beginning of awareness.  Let fear be what it is and sit there with it every day.  In the EVERY DAY you will come to know that fear too, is your friend, if you allow the Awareness of Love’s Presence to be felt fully.  Dearest one, EVERY DAY will continue long after this month of love is concluded.  I am with you and you are with me.  There is nothing wrong.  Ever.


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