4. Day 28: Jealous? Who ME??

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4. Day 28:  Jealous?  Who ME??

I had a dream a few nights ago that left me feeling feelings I rarely, if ever, notice experiencing.  How can I let go of what I am not yet aware of?  I dreamt a dear friend had published a book without telling me and I found out almost by accident as people were coming up to her and asking her to sign their books.  I experienced real shock, jealousy and deep sense of outrage that this momentous thing had happened without me getting to be a part of any of it.  This rather exposed my deepest desire to publish a book that I store neatly behind  phrases like “Oh, if it happens that will be fine, but I’m not attached.”  Like hell I’m not attached.  I woke feeling annoyed, hot and tired and knew, even though it was “just a dream”, the feelings I was feeling were very real and very much disturbing my sense of peace.   Naturally I extended love to my dream because dreams are very much thoughts and you know what we do with thoughts.

I extend willingness to this thought.

HS:  Dearest Most Precious One,

Set down your story gently for it has done nothing but guide, protect and entertain you.  The time

Who me?

Who me?

for story telling is coming to an end.  There is no reason for regret, guilt or finger pointing.

The truth will out–and this is always true.

Be still and know that I am God.

Feel the energy behind the feelings, feel the sparkle and burn of the cool, infinite strength.

Bask in the qualities of Love you have always loved and delight in the qualities you are only just beginning to admire.

Me:  Is there something I need to understand in this dream?  What is it trying to show me?

HS:  Dearest One, and there is only ONE.  Allow the divisions of character to melt away as you embrace your holy self, continue to listen, write, express and be glad for your joy is its own reward. You need do nothing differently, just move forward in joy and peace, reveling in and relishing each and every moment.  It is all a beautiful gift of love you have always known could be openly enjoyed at any time.

**Today I let go into trusting I am here (in this place where I am) for a very kind reason that I just don’t know yet.

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