4. Day 27: Meditation On Emptiness

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4. Day 27:  Meditation On Emptiness

I am loving the seeing that I am letting go into, rather than of.  This feels infinitely truer in every way.  As I am becoming friendly with the Vastness [of Love] I notice anything and everything that can help me let go into that Love that I am.  This quote from “Journeys With A Brother” is a perfect meditation on space which helps shift my focus from my thoughts to Love.  Extending love to space is extending love to my thoughts because the space is holding everything (including my zany, incessant, frequently panicky thoughts).

“Acknowledge that everything outside yourself already contains spacious awareness, emptiness. That way, every time you open your eyes you are looking at emptiness, because emptiness is at the core of everything. There is nothing purer than the space around you. Space cannot be tainted. It is the nature of space to be absolutely pure in essence, and whatever is in it cannot affect that essence.” ————-“Journeys With A Brother:  Japan to India” by Bartholomew and the Dalai Lama

Take a moment and close your eyes.  

SF Legion of Honor

Let go into the fullness of emptiness.

Breathe and relax your body.

Breathe again.

Open your eyes and notice the space you are in.  Not the room, per se, but the space that holds the room (or car or yard).

Allow yourself to see the space that is holding everything.  The room, the street, the city, the country, the world.  See the apparent emptiness and feel the inherent peace within it.

Take time today to notice the space that surrounds your coming and going, your thoughts, your loved ones and those ones you could kind of do without.

The Universe is kind and allowing yourself a moment to be aware of this emptiness that is space will put you in touch with the Kindness that is fully present.

Go ahead.  Let go into the emptiness.  It already holds you tenderly.

**Today I let go into giving up what I thought today was for.


  1. Eva,
    I just had an AHA moment of letting go INTO rather than OF. When skiing, it is best to not lean into the mountain, but away from it. I struggle with that bc it feels contrary to rational thought. However, the straighter and more balanced, the better the result.
    Thanks for helping me get there!

    • Oh I love this seeing. I can remember learning to ski and being absolutely certain the instructor was insane when he told us to lean AWAY from the mountain. The messages are all around us aren’t they? xo

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