4. Day 30: Letting Go Of Today

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4. Day 30:  Letting Go Of Today

As my month of extending love to the fear of letting go wraps up I stand in gratitude for all I have come to see.  A mere four weeks ago (!) I held tightly to all I loved (and even to anything I didn’t love, now that I think about it) and could see no other way of being.  The month my Holy Friend chose for me to remind myself of the Love that I am in the form of a month of extending love to the fear of Letting Go.  My practice extending love to letting go this month has released something new, yet ancient in me.  I don’t need to “hold on tight” to anything, not even love, for I am already fully and completely connected by the very fabric of the universe.  This fabric, this energy field, this BEING IS.  And I AM.  And there is nothing wrong.  Ever.  Letting go is but a natural phase and step of blossoming awareness of:  “This, too, is Love”.  I can breathe more deeply and fully and let go of all I thought Love wasn’t and abide in what/who/where Love IS.  Letting go is not letting go of something other than a thought.  I have learned I can let go of a thought, especially when I extend love to the thought.  In extending love I am joined with the thought at a cellular level and need not fear the thought.  At this place of peace I can be guided as to what to do/say/feel next in the face of “Good bye.”, “I hurt.”, or “It is finished.”

This simple poem I wrote speaks to letting go of the day and my thoughts of wishing it were another day.  It is a perfect practice of letting go into.


“Letting Go of Today”

If this was Saturday

I’d crawl back into bed

nuzzle your scratchy face

and say I love you more and more

But today today is Wednesday.

But today today is Wednesday.

We’d sleep another hour or two

and get up to eggs and toast

coffee and the paper on the porch

with time stretched out before us

But today is Wednesday

and its time for a walk, work

and a quick peck on the cheek

a flying breakfast and a fleeting hug

but I still love you

more and more

again and again

day in and day out

Together we fill in

every day of the week

with one another




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