7. Day 23: The Wedding Practice

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7. Day 23:  The Wedding Practice

Earlier this month I explored 100 Ways To Be Aware Of Honesty with Holy Spirit.  I keep returning to this list for inspiration, guidance, and to see how far my awareness has come in just a few weeks.  What jumps out at me today is how it was a revelation that I could encourage, allow and welcome honesty in others by being honest with myself.  I didn’t realize my own hesitation to be honest with myself actually sends the message that honesty is not entirely welcome. It was with a big gulp that I decided that honesty was, indeed, a two way street.  If I was going to go within and hear my heart and share this in kindness and honesty that I am sending the signal that it is safe for others to do the same. This being said, I have been inundated with honesty!  Because I had set the intention for this I have been in the mode of celebrating all honesty even if it seems to leave me in the lurch or disappointed (a changed appointment, a missed sighting of a friend) I am not feeling the effects of this.  Someone cancels for lunch “Great!  Thank you for following your heart!”  Another tells me “I” am being unclear or confusing, “Oh!  Thank you for being honest, let me think how I can communicate what is in my heart.”  This, in turn, is giving others permission to do the same.

Honesty really is very efficient.  As a person who loves words (as a daily blogger, I know this comes as no surprise) I am actually finding it refreshing and invigorating to let the truth speak first (aka honesty) and then I find not as many words are needed to “soften the blow”, “make excuses”, or “apologize for my self”.  The real surprise is how that in welcoming, encouraging and allowing honesty I am seeing others (especially my own daughters) so empowered.

reserved seats

This seat reserved for honesty.

My daughter who is getting married was able to sit down and ask so beautifully how I wanted to be involved or contribute to the planning of the wedding.  Her honesty and willingness to start the process with all cards face up allowed me to ask this of myself.  How do I want to participate?  How do I want to contribute?  I love that her honesty gave me the signal to be honest with myself.  I think this honesty and kindness has literally set the tone for joy and peace in the process of planning this blessed event.  (An event, by the way, many have said will “drive us crazy” or “stress us out” in the planning stages.)  The courage to be utterly above board and not assume anything gave me permission to find out the answers within my own heart instead of automatically following either tradition or societal expectations.  I LOVE that honesty does this; encourage, welcome and allow the truth of our hearts to be noticed, shared and celebrated.

Honesty encourages, welcomes and allows the truth of our heart to be noticed, shared and celebrated.

I am going to start a new category on my blog (and in my awareness) called “The Wedding Practice”.  This will be how I am using extending love to my thoughts, awareness and listening to my inner guidance in regard to this beautiful event that will be coming up next year.  I will be honest with you (this is the month for it) that I tend to be a teensy bit maniacal when it comes to something I feel is a “BIG RESPONSIBILITY”.  I get judgy, preachy and completely forget to listen to my heart because there is just SO MUCH to do and be responsible for. Naturally I end up exhausted too (see tiredness). So, this will help me remember that a wedding is but a celebration and symbol of our joining in Love (which is already actually true).  I am looking forward to lots of lovely messages re “The Bride of Christ”, the wedding feast and other ways we get to remember we are already joined as ONE.  We are determined, as set by the precious intention of honesty by my daughter to go within and ASK our hearts everything, especially as it concerns The Wedding.  We may end up sipping champagne through long silver straws or having a barn dance, who knows.  All I know is that I am incredibly grateful to have welcomed honesty as the first guest.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!
    There is but One Mind, shared. No secrets.
    Intention for honesty allows / gives permission for giving and receiving honesty.
    Truth expressed leads to freedom, fearlessness, awakening.

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