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7. Day 15: I’ll Be Honest With You

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Honesty, Prayer & Intention | 2 comments

7. Day 15:  I’ll Be Honest With You

I feel a withdrawing sadness/what’s the point energy today (maybe for a few days?).  I would toss it off as tiredness, but it feels both deeper and more on the surface than usual.  I can’t tell if it is overcommitment or being dishonest in making the commitments in the first place.  Or is it that deeper churn of my own children entering new phases in their  young adult lives that I can only watch and welcome whatever I am feeling within myself? Me:  Please help me extend the tenderest love and awareness even as I ask for guidance.  Thank you. I extend generosity to this thought....

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