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7. Day 11: Running From Pain?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Honesty, Poetry | 2 comments

7. Day 11:  Running From Pain?

Are you running from pain?  Am I??  I can say that in this moment, right now, I am not running.  Though, to be honest (and since honesty IS what I am practicing this month), running from pain was the most exersize I ever got before I started walking daily.  I used to call it good manners, or staying positive, or feeling overwhelmed but running from is another way of saying denying/ignoring/ trying to change what is in front of me.  Honesty is really shaking me up.  Everything can do with an honesty make-over.  How I eat/drink/ sleep/ speak/ give is under the gentle beam of honesty’s...

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