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7. Day 14: When Extending Love Is Impossible

Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in All-One, Extending love to my thoughts, Fear of Honesty | 6 comments

7. Day 14:  When Extending Love Is Impossible

I am beginning to wish I had not listened to the Holy Spirit and chosen extending love to my fear of honesty.  And I certainly wish I hadn’t told anybody.  I am in a funk today for no apparent reason.  I could call up a few reasons and try to make those stories the “why” of my funk but that feels less than honest (again I say damned honesty).  I just woke up with a great sense of heaviness on my chest, a tightly-wound, imploding sort of energy.  It feels like a personal version of a black hole.  And nothing untoward has happened.  I want to run from this energy but must...

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