7. Day 26: Not A Parlor Trick

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7. Day 26:  Not A Parlor Trick

I am sitting here in the awareness of honesty.  I asked Holy Spirit what do I need to know right now about honesty that I might go even deeper.

HS:  Dearest One,  Honesty is not a parlor trick.  It isn’t “that thing you do” when you want a different outcome. Honesty is that practice of willingness to go within and ask.  That is all. Honesty is efficient because Love knows only efficiency.  Honesty is powerful because Love is powerful.  Honesty is revelation because Love is revelation. Honesty is a quality of Love.  Be open to all that honesty can tell you about yourself.  In this way you come to see yourself as I do. Perfect. Whole. Infinite.  Powerful. Completely content.  Always willing.  Always knowing. Always Being.

When you hear the voice that appears from within you saying words of doubt, disbelief and withering weakness, fear not.  Allow yourself to honestly listen.  

Invite honesty to the table

Invite honesty to the table

Hear that these thoughts cannot hurt you, they are not true.  Allow these thoughts much space and simply notice what they do.  You will notice they tend to cluster, then calm, then dissipate. Unless you participate in the thoughts, adding your willingness, knowing and being they come to naught.

Thoughts cannot harm you.  Believing the thoughts, acting as if they were true and acting on them cannot truly hurt you.  You may experience pain and suffering, but only as long as you ignore the call of honesty.  Honesty always calls you to return to your heart.  This is honesty greatest gift.  When you go within and listen to your true heart, listen with the expectation of honesty.  Your heart will not, nor cannot steer you wrong.  If you find yourself in the middle of a mud flat or an emotional mine field pause and ASK again.  “What do I need to know right now?  Please guide me in the footsteps of honesty and love.  Thank you. Amen.”

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