7. Day 25: Happy Birthday Beloved One

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7. Day 25: Happy Birthday Beloved One

A birthday message for my beloved from my heart of hearts……

Precious One,

Know that you are the power of my heart.  You are the way I walk in the world.  You are the one I turn to when it is time to act.  Your willingess to love in action has made you most useful in spreading the gospel of Love.  Dear One you are the apple of my eye.  In you is the ever flowing river of life.  It is your birth-rite, treasure and joyful secret. This new year is but another brief moment in eternity.  Years and decades and minutes and seconds are just different ways to see all that is within you.

Take time, this day and this upcoming year to truly revel in your living.  Allow yourself to give, receive, work and play in the knowing that all is part of the mission of Love.  Creation bows to your heart in recognition.  Remember the truth that you are each day and this will see you through the night.

Dear one, give yourself the gift of willingness to Be.  Be without agenda, without condition, without responsibility. Just go deep within your Being, that is where I abide.  Abide with me this day.

All is well.  All is good.  All is joy.


Extending love to fear

Happy Birthday!

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