7. Day 22: WE Are Worth Celebrating

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7. Day 22:  WE Are Worth Celebrating

I am loving how Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart with these lists of “100 Reasons Why”.  I was simply writing a card to go into a goodie bag to give my daughter and her fiance` (I love saying this;) to take on a cross country trip they were making.  The list just spilled out my delight, my tender love and the joy I shared in their beginning adventure.  I love how honest the Holy Spirit is here.


100 Reasons Why A Drive Across Country


The Perfect Way To Celebrate Our Engagement



  1. We are in love with one another
  2. We love spending time together
  3. Driving is a great way to slow down and smell the roses (or count the cactus or the truck stops;)
  4. USA has the best roads in the world
  5. Best & kindest law enforcement too
  6. We get to start counting off the 50 states we have been in together
  7. We can sing at the top of our lungs
  8. We can laugh, cry, giggle, sneeze or kiss any time we want
  9. Jesus loves us
  10. We love Jesus too

    road trip

    Here we go!

  11. Happiness is our natural state
  12. Worry is but a reminder to extend a quality of love
  13. We can talk about our future
  14. We can be quiet too
  15. We can glance and each other and simply be glad to be here together
  16. We can get used to the joy of maps/GPS/ asking for directions
  17. God loves us to ask for help
  18. Our guardian angels (& all their friends) love to help us in all ways
  19. Love is bigger than any disagreement, forgetfulness or misunderstanding
  20. Time is our friend
  21. We can set an intention for joy each day
  22. We become used to not knowing what is going to happen next
  23. This is great practice for life and marriage
  24. We are surrounded by people who love us
  25. Our families love each other and us
  26. It was worth the wait to get engaged at this exactly perfect time
  27. NOW is THE perfect time to set our intention of loving
  28. Driving long hours is a great way to notice the journey
  29. Life is a journey too
  30. We are made for each other
  31. It is wonderful to know this so early in life
  32. California is a luscious state to be from
  33. Arizona is great desert country
  34. New Mexico is home to wonderful artists (keep your eyes open to find them anywhere and everywhere, even Rest Stops)
  35. Texas is a state of mind
  36. Louisiana is where we want to try some Cajun food y’all

    Grand Canyon

    Hello Arizona!

  37. Mississippi has gorgeous old Southern Plantation homes
  38. Alabama love football (look out for Friday night lights)
  39. Florida is my new home away from home
  40. We will always remember our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon
  41. Our love is bigger than that epic hole in the ground
  42. Love is what we are made of
  43. Our life together will remind us of this over and over again
  44. Our hearts area already joined as one
  45. We just get to spend the next 60 + years delighting in this
  46. Weddings are fun to talk about when the scenery is flying by
  47. A wedding is just another way to say “party for us”
  48. Our families will be helpful in every way
  49. Our families will not butt in [too much] unless we ask for opinions and help or ideas
  50. We already have the best friends to stand up with us
  51. Everything is working out perfectly right now, even before we know it
  52. We have all the time we need
  53. We have everything we need
  54. Our hearts give us guidance all the time
  55. Asking simply reminds us of this
  56. We are allowed to ask ourselves “What do WE want?”
  57. Asking this over and over gets us used to listening to our own hearts
  58. Our parents are so proud of us in every way
  59. Perfect is what is happening right now, no exceptions
  60. As we learn to love what IS happening right in front of us we learn to love ourselves
  61. CARR is a great app for cross country travel (rest stops, road conditions, chain control info etc) see App store
  62. Starbucks app keeps a tired driver from despair (In N Out has an app too)
  63. We love thinking of ways to express our love for one another
  64. The qualities of LOVE are endless
  65. We love getting to know each other on a new level through travelling together
  66. Driving is like hiking on wheels
  67. Taking care of our car, our selves, our plans is another way to say “I love you”
  68. Weather is a great metaphor for thoughts & emotions
  69. It comes and goes but the sun always shines no matter what
  70. Sending our parents regular updates is a sweet way to practice keeping in touch as we begin to roll into the next phase of our lives
  71. He is just so handsome
  72. She is crazy beautiful
  73. We marvel at how the other one thinks/ laughs/ breathes/ giggles
  74. How lucky are we to be right here, right now?!
  75. Rest stops are our friends
  76. Knowing where we will stop each evening will keep us alert to the time table
  77. The unexpected is a gift we haven’t unwrapped yet
  78. We love sharing the news of our recent engagement with folks we feel led to tell
  79. A full petrol tank is a good way to start the day
  80. Radio silence is a good way to really focus on right here, right now
  81. This trip is our gift to ourselves
  82. Our wedding date will be perfect
  83. Celebrations of all kinds will be a part of our lives always

    100 Ways to be honest

    Home is where you are.

  84. WE are worth celebrating (every day)
  85. Love is the truth about us
  86. When ever we don’t know where we are, pause and ask
  87. This is a good habit in life
  88. God is another word for LOVE
  89. Love is another word for seeing
  90. Science is another way to see too
  91. Everything we want for ourselves comes to us easily and with great kindness
  92. We don’t have to know everything
  93. We don’t have to know anything more to be happy right now
  94. Sadness, annoyance, anger, fear, tiredness are all reminders to rest, ask for guidance, listen to our hearts and love ourselves (our thoughts, the situation in front of us) again
  95. Forgiveness is the best emergency kit
  96. Joy makes all things feel better
  97. We are always in the middle of “the time of our lives”
  98. We don’t need to wait for happiness, we can invite it into our awareness right now and always
  99. Travelling is the best way to learn how delicious it is to come home
  100. Home is where you ARE


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