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10. Day 30: Like Butter In A Dish

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10. Day 30:  Like Butter In A Dish

Judgment is fear.  Fear is judgment.  Judgment says “This cannot be as is.”  Fear says “This should not be as is.”  Judgement and fear are saying the same thing:  NO.  No to what is, no to what was, no to what should or shouldn’t be.  No to how I am feeling, No to how you are feeling. No, no, no, No, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo.  It is the energy signature of stop, off, close, hide, flee.  What if, instead, we just noticed the fear or judgment (same energy, different clothes)?  What if we just noticed we were experiencing fear or had entered into judgment? Nothing...

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8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

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8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

Let’s get comfortable for a moment with not-knowing something.  Think of something you don’t know (how a TV works or what is that fuzzy bit of lump in the bottom of your handbag or if your work is really satisfying) and just notice how you feel.  Do you want to ferret around in your bag and get that thing OUT?  Do you want to Google ‘TV’ and see if they can explain how the color dots fly through the air and into your set?  Is you mind now wondering why you ever decided owning a business was a good idea?  Or can you just be quiet and welcome not-knowing? Let’s do...

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7. Day 5: Honesty Is Instantly Grounding

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7. Day 5:  Honesty Is Instantly Grounding

This blog is calling my bluff.  Or rather my heart is.  I was truly called to begin this daily blogging practice of extending love to my epic fears and writing about my experience.  I have, obviously, been practicing a great deal of honesty all along these past months by virtue of the fact if you write every day it is hard to avoid honesty.  But I still fear honesty in certain situations.  Honesty is a very simple way to “BE HERE NOW”.    We can get very fancy and write blogs and books about Being Here Now but honesty does it for us.  If we are willing. One of the ways my blog...

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6. Day 10: Let The Stillness Feed You

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in All-One, Fear AS Tiredness, Holy Spirit Says | 2 comments

6. Day 10:  Let The Stillness Feed You

Holy Spirit I feel kind of stuck in this extending love to tiredness because honestly, I want to NOT feel tired.  I want to feel whole, abundant well being and frankly tiredness is really missing the mark.  I suppose it is obvious but right at this moment, I am too tired to extend love to tiredness.  Whether it is me or not I just want to sit here and do nothing. For some reason I feel like I just got an inner high five.  Is this what I need to “do” more of, nothing?  Please speak to me about my practice this month and how I can see tiredness differently and be at peace with both...

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4. Day 14: Haiku Ka-choo

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4. Day 14:  Haiku Ka-choo

After yesterday’s miles and moment, today bring another opportunity to let go and let God (like I could do anything else).  Today my daughter is moving out of her college flat and we get to be the movers and the shakers.  But first I begin the day, thankfully, in the early morning peace and quiet on the back porch.  I am too tired for anything but for the Holy Spirit to speak to me in poetry, our original love language.  These haiku were the balm and nourishment I needed. “Haiku Ka-choo” Breeze flows peace against my skin an incence smoke of tranquility cares Birdsong...

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