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4. Day 8: Be Still

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4. Day 8:  Be Still

I am feeling the BIGNESS of all that is going on right now.  The BIG milestones (graduations, weddings, reunions) are just so huge I am having a hard time focussing on the details.  Thank you for my guidance in all of this, thank you for the accomplishments of all concerned and thank you for all the miracles that have occurred along the way to make it all possible.  To be honest there is a lot to let go of. What do I need right now? HS:  Precious One, Be still and know that I am God. I will and do care for you in infinite and intimate ways. Be still and know that you are true, whole, willing...

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2. Day 21: How Do You Relate To Your Thoughts?

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2. Day 21:  How Do You Relate To Your Thoughts?

I am struggling to extend love to depression.  It feels like depression is anti-gravity and deflects all attempts at joining or welcome.  Perhaps the energy of depression is non-attractive?  Is it actually repelling?  It feels more like zero gravity or exactly center on the spectrum of gravity.  Is this stillness???  This is interesting. Stillness is that quality of love that simply abides quietly.  What if we could allow depression as stillness? What a difference in our (my) reaction to depression.  After a new baby is born we might experience post-partum stillness. One might be able to...

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