4. Day 14: Haiku Ka-choo

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4. Day 14:  Haiku Ka-choo

After yesterday’s miles and moment, today bring another opportunity to let go and let God (like I could do anything else).  Today my daughter is moving out of her college flat and we get to be the movers and the shakers.  But first I begin the day, thankfully, in the early morning peace and quiet on the back porch.  I am too tired for anything but for the Holy Spirit to speak to me in poetry, our original love language.  These haiku were the balm and nourishment I needed.

“Haiku Ka-choo”

Morning Porch Peace

Morning Porch Peace

Breeze flows peace against

my skin an incence smoke of

tranquility cares

Birdsong awakens

my need for utter being

the vastness calls me

Sinking into now

stillness melts away the pain

busyness can bring

Breath cleans my palette

that I might taste the beauty

holiness reveals

Washing machine is

Beauty surrounds me.

Beauty surrounds me.

rebooting our daily wears

waiting, a bliss break

Gratitude opens

the channel of love bringing

I get the first gift

But there’s so much more

to see, to do, to create

stillness powers this

My purchases give

me a hold on the days grace

now I taste yesterday

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