10. Day 30: Like Butter In A Dish

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10. Day 30:  Like Butter In A Dish

Judgment is fear.  Fear is judgment.  Judgment says “This cannot be as is.”  Fear says “This should not be as is.”  Judgement and fear are saying the same thing:  NO.  No to what is, no to what was, no to what should or shouldn’t be.  No to how I am feeling, No to how you are feeling. No, no, no, No, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo.  It is the energy signature of stop, off, close, hide, flee.  What if, instead, we just noticed the fear or judgment (same energy, different clothes)?  What if we just noticed we were experiencing fear or had entered into judgment? Nothing else, just notice.  What if that noticing created enough space that something else could enter into our awareness?  Light, possibility, wonder.  What if when light, possibility and wonder entered the space the impulse to off, close or flee lessened to the point of stillness.


Let Stillness & Light take you where you want to go.

Then we would be in a space of light and stillness with our fear or judgment. As long as we are in the space of light and stillness with the fear or judgment we might as well ASK what to do next. Wouldn’t it be great if the Stillness and Light could answer instead of the fear and judgment.  What would happen? What could happen next?  Well, the first thing that could happen is that Light and Stillness would be breaking out all over the place.

What could you do with more Light and Stillness in your life?

Go on.  Next time you feel that energy of fear or judgment, pause and notice “Oh, that is fear for sure.” or “Boy howdy, that is some judgment coming out of my head.”  Then let Stillness and Light hold you, your fear and your judgment.  Let Stillness speak.  Let Light warm and guide you.  Be careful though. You might not be feeling fear any more and the judgment may melt into a puddle of golden light like butter in a dish at a summer’s picnic.

Is there a thought of fear or judgment sitting here with us right now?  Hi honey, come on in, the water’s fine.  Love loves you all the time.

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