6. Day 10: Let The Stillness Feed You

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6. Day 10:  Let The Stillness Feed You

Holy Spirit I feel kind of stuck in this extending love to tiredness because honestly, I want to NOT feel tired.  I want to feel whole, abundant well being and frankly tiredness is really missing the mark.  I suppose it is obvious but right at this moment, I am too tired to extend love to tiredness.  Whether it is me or not I just want to sit here and do nothing. For some reason I feel like I just got an inner high five.  Is this what I need to “do” more of, nothing?  Please speak to me about my practice this month and how I can see tiredness differently and be at peace with both that feeling and myself for having it.  Thank you.

HS:  Precious One,

Let us sit down together and do nothing.  Let us be here right now, and now…………and now. There is nothing wrong. The fan is whirring, traffic moves in the distance, the dogs are snoring. Feel the peace that is present right here.  Feel the spaciousness of the quiet.  Let the stillness feed you with its natural goodness.  This is why you need do nothing. This moment here.  

be still

Let the stillness feed you.

The feeling of openness and at-right-ness that you are feeling is all you need. From this space of being which is always with you you can give, create, see and love with great abandon.  You need not plan, worry, argue or resist that which already holds all the energy that you think you need.  You move with your heart.  Your mind creates a story about the moving but you move with your heart.  Let yourself feel the movement of lift gently flowing through you at all times.

Your claim and certainty that tiredness prevents you from feeling the abundant life within you is what dims your awareness, not the tiredness itself.  Tiredness is just a communication from your body which, when listened to with welcome, will let you know exactly what it needs.  Do not continue to cling to the thoughts of tiredness but allow yourself to listen to your body and trust that it actually does know what it needs.  You know what you need, your body knows what it needs, I know what you need.  There is nothing wrong.  Welcome this statement of fact and ask, in a genuine state of listening what you need, then do it.  There is indeed nothing wrong with listening to your own heart and body tell you what you need.  The desire of your heart is for you to listen, trust and follow.  That is all.


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