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“The January Nap: A Case for Self Love”

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“The January Nap:  A Case for Self Love”

Through the months of visitors, year end business and the preparation for my daughter’s wedding when I thought I would expire trying to do seventeen-things-at-once I would promise myself this “I will nap the entire month of January”.  I regularly began my days at 4am just to get some quiet time before the day erupted in activity and the dance of decision, what held me together was the lure of giving myself January to recover, revive and recalibrate. Holy Spirit provided some handy reminders in the form of a drippy head cold, low blood pressure (I had to halt my pilates...

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The Self Discipline of Desire

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The Self Discipline of Desire

I was speaking to a friend recently who praised the self discipline of my having blogged daily for a year.  I was a bit taken aback as it didn’t feel like self discipline at all.  I write and extend love to my thoughts because I want to. Afterwards, this phrase floated into view:  the self discipline of desire.  I took it into my quiet time this morning to ask Holy Spirit more about this. Me:  Holy Spirit, please tell me more about this “self discipline of desire”. What does it mean and how does it enrich my path and purpose? HS:  Precious One, Dearest, take time to dally...

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12. Day 5: The Earmark Of Divinity

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12. Day 5:  The Earmark Of Divinity

I strongly feel my part in the whole–or is it I feel the depth of the wholeness in my own heart?  I have twin feelings of apprehension and glory, worry and contemplation, busy and stillness.  How to allow, welcome and cherish my twin nature; divine as human, human as divine?  Are they different or just different views of the same thing?  Is this what I am learning to experience in feeling? Holy Spirit, please speak to me on how all this relates to Feeling and feelings? Thank you my ever-present, wholly trusted Friend and beloved Guide.  Thank you. HS:  Precious One, You are learning to...

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11. Day 14: The Deepest Depth

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11. Day 14:  The Deepest Depth

Dearest Ones, Love is invincible. Love cannot be broken. Love cannot be separated. Love cannot be made not Whole, only seen this way through closed eyes and tight heart. Love is all you need. Love is all you have. Love is the truth you seek. There are infinite ways to know and experience love. Join with the love that you are and you will take your invincibility everywhere you go. Join with the love you are that you may see yourself in and through Love’s eyes. You are already perfect, whole, delighted joy, peace and eternal comfort. This I know for I know you. You are the apple of  my...

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10. Day 25: Sacrifice, A Primer

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10. Day 25:  Sacrifice, A Primer

A few days ago, I woke with a start from a dream of being with a dear friend in her car.  We were driving along just fine and then I asked a question that so flustered my friend she lost control of the car.  When I woke my heart was pounding and I was breathless just as if I had been in this terrifying moment.  I could feel death’s longing  before it went; that clinging to life, all the while knowing it is time to change forms. Naturally I turned to Holy Spirit for peace and explanation. Me:  How am I clinging now to a form of life?  What do I not want to let go of? HS:  Sacrifice Me:...

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8. Day 4: Not-Knowing IS….

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8. Day 4:  Not-Knowing IS….

I feel bubbly, jittery, nervous and swirly.  The rapid staccato strobe light effect is like having my heart on speed boil. I need to express it all and just allow the flow so balance and peace may return to my awareness.  I can barely calm down with all that is going on (of the happiest variety, flying to LA for a conference, prepping for our departure soon to UK, a wedding etc).  Help and guide me into peace now. My walk helped tremendously.  It allowed the nervous energy to move through me and left me open to hear the Holy Spirit.  These thoughts came to me during the walk. HS:...

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