10. Day 25: Sacrifice, A Primer

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10. Day 25:  Sacrifice, A Primer

A few days ago, I woke with a start from a dream of being with a dear friend in her car.  We were driving along just fine and then I asked a question that so flustered my friend she lost control of the car.  When I woke my heart was pounding and I was breathless just as if I had been in this terrifying moment.  I could feel death’s longing  before it went; that clinging to life, all the while knowing it is time to change forms. Naturally I turned to Holy Spirit for peace and explanation.

Me:  How am I clinging now to a form of life?  What do I not want to let go of?

HS:  Sacrifice

Me:  How can that be???? I hate sacrifice!

HS:  Exactly.

Until you allow, welcome and see sacrifice for what it is, it cannot, will not change into another form.  Sacrifice is not a payment being extracted, it is a willing change of forms for the benefit of a loved one.  A gift exchange of sorts.  

Giving your all is in fact what primes the pump to being your all.

American River Bridge

Sacrifice; a bridge over calmer waters.

Me:  To be honest this sounds exhausting.  I have had a love/hate relationship with the idea of sacrifice for years.  I suppose it is more the martyrdom seemingly called for that I don’t appreciate in myself.  This needs more light please.

HS:  Dearest One, the sacrifice is not what you think.  Well, actually it is what you think.  It is your thinking that must be laid aside for the truth of your heart to come to life.  Thinking is most definitely used by your heart to gird and guide you to action but thinking alone can leave you spinning and depleted.  It is this sacrifice you still resist.  Give your thinking to Me and see it put to glorious use. The  heart and mind are really one but seen as two, one subjugated to the other is only seeing half the truth.  Half a truth is no truth at all.  I am in both your head and your heart.  Step back and allow unity to lead you where you most want to go.  Home.  Home is where your peace, joy and willingness abide.  There your life nourishes, cares for and exhilarates you.  Continue to trust and ask in all things.

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