The Self Discipline of Desire

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The Self Discipline of Desire

I was speaking to a friend recently who praised the self discipline of my having blogged daily for a year.  I was a bit taken aback as it didn’t feel like self discipline at all.  I write and extend love to my thoughts because I want to. Afterwards, this phrase floated into view:  the self discipline of desire.  I took it into my quiet time this morning to ask Holy Spirit more about this.

Me:  Holy Spirit, please tell me more about this “self discipline of desire”. What does it mean and how does it enrich my path and purpose?

HS:  Precious One,

Dearest, take time to dally in the garden of your desires; take in the color and scent, the textures and shapes.  Which bloom calls you over to pluck it for your daily bouquet of pleasure and purpose?

Desire is mean to be a gift of love to your self. Which tea do you prefer? Which pillow, mate or color? Which feeling is the most useful in expressing your heart?  Which thought carries you forward into your desired creation?

Dally in the garden of desire.

Dally in the garden of desire.

Desire is the original form of guidance.  Only when desire was tainted with a separate meaning and purpose was it denied as wrong/other/distraction. Desires, like thoughts, are innocent.  It is what happens during denial that gives an expereince of shame, guilt or degradation.  The question is where does the desire lead?

If a desire leads to peace, joy, gratitude and wholeness, it is serving you.

If a desire leads to shame, guilt, panic and fracture, it is not serving you.

Desire is a directional thought, one that begats action.  Extend love to your desires; notice them, abide by them, listen, treasure and be aware of them.  In this way you will know if it is a true desire or a false craving of fear.  Allow yourself a moment to breathe into your desire and ASK:

Is this self love or self harm?

Is this something that will bring me closer to the truth about me and my already precious heart, or will it take me further away?

Is this desire loving my heart or feeding the flames of forgetfulness and shame?

Dear One,  When you take time to notice and extend other qualities of love to your desires as you have done with your thoughts, you will always be able to lead yourself home to your heart of hearts where I AM always residing, abiding and tending.

Desire is meant to bring your to a greater experience of your Self.

Desire is meant to bring you to a greater experience of your Self.

Let the desire of self discipline be transformed by the self discipling of desire. Desire is your natural urge to love your own heart, self and life–fear this not in any way.

Your heart, life and self is your traveling retinue in this place of created creation.  As you continue to be aware of your desires, you will be aware of your heart.  As you are aware of your heart, you will be aware of your self.  As you are aware of your self, you will be aware of I AM LOVE.  Love is God. We-are-One.

So let us join together with the desires in our hearts as the gifts they are. What is the desire in your heart that you might be ignoring?



  1. Desire has had a bad reputation for a while.
    Nice to see Spirit’s take on it!
    You go, Girl!

    • It would seem Spirit has Love’s view on everything;). xoxo

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