12. Day 5: The Earmark Of Divinity

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12. Day 5:  The Earmark Of Divinity

I strongly feel my part in the whole–or is it I feel the depth of the wholeness in my own heart?  I have twin feelings of apprehension and glory, worry and contemplation, busy and stillness.  How to allow, welcome and cherish my twin nature; divine as human, human as divine?  Are they different or just different views of the same thing?  Is this what I am learning to experience in feeling?

Holy Spirit, please speak to me on how all this relates to Feeling and feelings? Thank you my ever-present, wholly trusted Friend and beloved Guide.  Thank you.

HS:  Precious One,

You are learning to see and hear and taste Feeling, as you are learning to feel light, color and sound.  All senses and qualities of love may be used interchangeably.  This takes dexterity of awareness and deftness of surrender. These two qualities (awareness and surrender) will usher in colors, sounds and feelings you can’t even imagine.

Imagine what does middle “C” taste like?  What does blue sound like?  What does cheese feel like at the vibratory level?


I am the Whole & I am the parts.

As your awareness grows in Feeling, so will your awareness and surrender to the Whole grow in all your senses. This will happen gently and without any unnecessary prodding or hoping on your part.  Each quality of awareness grows and blooms like a new bromeliad from its very center, at exactly the right moment.  Let this unfold as a favorite story; fear not the end for it will look much like the beginning.

Whole wants to know itself so it peeks deeply into its own make up of energy and creative power.  It becomes mesmerized with pomp and sparkle and every infinitesimal moving part.  So much so the nature of Wholeness is forgotten completely.

Questions, worries, fears begin to arise like mist off of dried ice, covering over the treasured memory and perspective of Wholeness. This cloud moves focus and understanding into seeking until the mist, that flimsy mist called fear, evaporates as the dried ice melts.

The vision is clear again.

I am the Whole AND I am the part.

Always and forever.

Feeling is a connection to Wholeness; feelings are the connection to the parts.

If you can ignore/stop/deny the feelings, you can continue forgetting about that deeper intuitive nature of Feeling that is the earmark of Divinity.  Allow the parts and the whole to operate as One and you enjoy all creation.  Allow parts to operate independently and you will always feel threatened in some way by the Whole.


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