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4. Day 10: An Unwillingness For Joy?

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Letting Go, Holy Spirit Says | 4 comments

4. Day 10:  An Unwillingness For Joy?

Yesterday I uncovered my unwillingness for joy.  I still don’t know quite how this is happening so naturally I asked Holy Spirit to share more on this topic of joy and my [apparent] unwillingness for it. HS:  Dearest One, You are unwilling for joy because you believe you are unworthy of this state. You cite other sadness and grief in the world as your reason to not fully in habit your joyous, joyful, joy abiding Self. Hear this and do not waiver.  You are the joy that will allow, encourage, inspire and lead your brothers in this world back into the full realization and willingness of...

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