4. Day 10: An Unwillingness For Joy?

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4. Day 10:  An Unwillingness For Joy?

Yesterday I uncovered my unwillingness for joy.  I still don’t know quite how this is happening so naturally I asked Holy Spirit to share more on this topic of joy and my [apparent] unwillingness for it.

HS:  Dearest One, You are unwilling for joy because you believe you are unworthy of this state. You cite other sadness and grief in the world as your reason to not fully in habit your joyous, joyful, joy abiding Self.

Hear this and do not waiver.  You are the joy that will allow, encourage, inspire and lead your brothers in this world back into the full realization and willingness of Joy.  No one is left behind in fear.  All succumb to the truth of themselves.  You, being the truth of your Self, is the encouragement they need.  

All succumb to the truth of themselves.

When you experience anything that does not feel joy-full, pause and ask “Show me the joy. Help me to feel and remember right here and now.” Feel the ever present joy of wholeness then ask again how and where to proceed.

Me:  I am beginning to glimpse that joy might be bigger than just feeling excited or “up”.  I am very willing to be willing to feel the joy that is already present in all things.  Thank you for this practice.  Right here and right now I am feeling the joy of our beloved friendship Holy Spirit.  Thank you.



  1. I use non-joy as a “protection”. My ego believes that if I’m totally healthy and joyful people will want and expect more from me. I’ve got some homework to do….

    • Oh Jill, you expressed this perfectly! This is exactly what I feel. I believe what we think joy is (and requires of us;) is getting a juicy overhaul! Woo hoo for all of us.

  2. I share in a similar experience except I feel I shouldn’t feel joyful when so many others are suffering, and have spent my life trying to help others move out of suffering so I could then feel OK about feeling my joy. But in reality we are all wired for joy regardless of outer circumstances, something I am still learning…thanks for your sharing, my Extraordinary Eva!

    • Isn’t it funny that we actually believe (and I have for years) that unless everyone is in joy I can’t/don’t deserve it/ shouldn’t be in joy. What if JOY allowed all things to be present in deep gratitude and trust. Whoa, JOY is a lot bigger that I gave it credit for. Thanks for sharing dear Sally! xo

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