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6. Day 7: How Do I Clarify The Signal?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in All-One, Fear AS Tiredness, Prayer & Intention | 2 comments

6. Day 7:  How Do I Clarify The Signal?

If I want to go beyond feeling tiredness I must feel something else.  What else is there?  Peace.  I would love to really feel peace within and through my body as well as in my heart.  If the body is a communication device as A Course In Miracles says then what is my body communicating?  It feels like it is communicating old thoughts:  tired, slow, low energy, slow metabolism, sluggishness.  Maybe I don’t have any idea what could help me feel the truth of myself as Love in my body; whole, light, energy, harmony, happiness and joy. Holy Spirit, help me with my practice of feeling the...

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2. Day 19: Nothing But Everything

Posted by on May 19, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Depression, Holy Spirit Says | 2 comments

2. Day 19:  Nothing But Everything

Behind my fear of the voice of NOT-enough lies the even deeper terror of the abyss of NOTHING.  What if there is nothing in my heart–no feeling, no guidance, no inner teacher, no creative impulse, no heart beat?   What then?  This is the fear to end all fears.  “Listen to your heart” is nothing new.  We see this used on YouTube videos and Facebook memes and hear this preached from every pulpit of every faith.  So why don’t we do it?  Listen to our heart.  It is because of this very real fear of the heart in the “21 Fear Salute” that depression faces every...

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2. Day 14: The Flavors of Love

Posted by on May 14, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Depression, Holy Spirit Says, Qualities of Love | 0 comments

2. Day 14:  The Flavors of Love

Just in case anyone is feeling tired of looking fear in the eyes I will let you know I am feeling a bit the same way.  I mean, why can’t we just focus on love?  I am realizing that is exactly what is happening with my willingness to look at fear.  Fear IS just a call for love and looking at it is answering in love.  So let’s dive into another fear from the “21 Fear Salute”, shall we?   5. The Fear of Vastness Me:  Holy Spirit, “the fear of vastness” seems like the same fear as “fear of the bigger picture”, is it? How can I extend love to fear...

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1. Day 24: Rocking the Vastness

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in All-One, Encouragement, Fear of Commitment | 2 comments

1. Day 24:  Rocking the Vastness

Today I am feeling the waffling of downsizing my commitment of a daily post: It is not needed. It will inundate my brother. I’m painting myself into a corner. Is this really fun? Why? HS:  Why not? Me:  Why not????  Exactly!! Why the heck NOT?! It won’t hurt, I write everyday anyway. An ambitious goal gets my juices flowing. I want to blow myself away in amazement. I want a searchable record. It IS fun! Oh Yeah!  Now I remember!!  Thanks! Just when I needed some encouragement for this epic commitment of a daily blog posting project this perfect quote appeared before my very eyes: “Your love...

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